Shor-Line Stainless Steel 10′ Cage Assembly – Model C Sale Coupon

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Steal This Deal From Pro Pet Supply!Shor-Line Stainless Steel 10′ Cage Assembly – Model C
This 10′ Stainless Steel cage assembly maximizes the number of cage openingstotaling 11 single cages plus one double door cage. This assembly caters to small and medium dogs and cats with a larger double door cage on the bottom. This configuration provides great flexibility when you pair the double door cage with a cage divider to turn one cage into two whenever needed. The classic Shor-Line cage continues to set the standard for Stainless Steel animal housing. All Shor-Line cages are 28¼”D. Product Features: Three rows of cages: Top Row: five 24″W x 24″H cagesMiddle Row: four 30″W x 30″H cagesBottom Row:one 48″W x 30″H DD cagetwo 36″W x 30″H cages. Crafted from Type 304 Stainless Steel. Every part of the cage features heavy gauge Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel 1″-square tube frame provides extra strength. One-piece door made with welds at every intersection. Tighter spacing near the latch keeps curious paws away. One piece of Stainless Steel makes up the cage sides. Rounded corners make cage cleaning easy. Patented quiet-closing polymer-encased Stainless Steel hinge operates smoothly and quietly. (U.S. Patent #7805808) Fluid-retaining lip keeps fluids contained. Durablesound-dampening latch has Acetal bushings. Sound-dampening patches keep noise down. Product Specifications: 10′ Cage AssemblyStainless Steel – Option C Top Row: 5- 24″W x 24″H cages Middle Row: 4- 30″W x 30″H cages Bottom Row: 1 – 48″W x 30″H double door cage

Shor-Line Stainless Steel 10′ Cage Assembly – Model C Sale Coupon
Shor-Line Stainless Steel 10′ Cage Assembly – Model C Sale Coupon
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