Kuhn Rikon Peak saucepan 1.6L/16cm Sale Coupon

Kuhn Rikon

The Rikon  region of Switzerland has been producing cookware and household items well over a century. We supply cookware equipped with the same care and delicacy that our culinary chefs would put into preparing their dishes.

Steal This Deal from Kuhn Rikon!Peak saucepan 1.6L/16cm
This multi-layer pan is a dream to useit heats up quicklycleans easily and looks great. Use this saucepan for all sorts of everyday cooking – making sauces and soupsor for cooking vegetablesrice and pasta.

PEAK pans combine three brilliant materials to get the best cookware: stainless steelaluminum and non-stick. The pans are made up of five layers. The polished layer of stainless steel ensures the pan maintains its good looks and is easy to clean. The next layer of aluminum helps the heat to spread evenly throughout the base and sides of the panso it’s perfect for even cooking. To make sure the non-stick is tough and durable a primer is applied to the aluminumthen a ceramic layer and finally the non-stick layer which is tough enough for metal utensils and great for easy cooking and cleaning.

The gleaming stainless steel is durablelooks great and it’s easy to clean.
The aluminum layer absorbs

Kuhn Rikon Peak saucepan 1.6L/16cm Sale Coupon
Kuhn Rikon Peak saucepan 1.6L/16cm Sale Coupon
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